Keep Up And JOIN IN!


Under the slogan „JOIN US!“ Belgrade Fair will be organising the most prestigeous energy event in the region – 8th International Energy Fair 2012. Under the auspices of the Ministry of Energy and Ecology, the Fair takes place between 10th and 12th October, with the emphasis on contribution to the development of energy and providing opportunities for the industry to develop their business. The basic issues this year include improvement of the Serbian energy potentials, presentation of the plans and foreign investments as well as protection of human environment, as the priority of the energy sector policy.

Simultaneously with the Energy Fair, 9th International Fair of Environment Protection – ECOFAIR will be held at Belgrade Fair, gathering all participants in the system of the protection of human environment, highlighting the „green economy“ – recycling industry, renewable energy resources and waste management.

Among other institutions, banks will take part at the event, offering preference loans aimed to increase the energy efficiency, renewable energy resources and protection of human environment in the local government.

The first-time participants at the Fair are the socially responsible companies, aware of the significance of the protection of human environment and investing considerable money in this field.

Both events are organised with the slogan „JOIN IN“. With this energetic and suggestive slogan, the organiser wishes to propose an action to the economic entities, considering the year 2012 as the right moment for the development and investment in these two fields.